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Track Listing:
1. Dear Eloise
2. Away Away Away
3. Maker
4. Pegasus
5. Would You Believe
6. Wishyouawish
7. Post Card
8. Charlie & Fred
9. Try It
10. Elevated Observations
11. Step Inside
12. Butterfly
13. King Midas In Reverse
14. Leave Me
15. Do The Best You Can

The Hollies

Dear Eloise / King Midas In Reverse

compact disc | $12.98

SC 6123

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Recorded in 1967, the Hollies' take on psychedelia, though less kaleidoscopic than that of the Beatles and the Stones, was every bit as riveting. And nobody could touch the Manchester duo of Allan Clarke and Graham Nash when it came to those goose-pimply harmonies. "King Midas In Reverse" proved the crowning achievement -- an all-stops-pulled, hip pocket, rainbow-symphony that will live forever. This Sundazed release marks the first domestic issue of this incredible album, complete with tracks included only on the original UK version; package includes an exclusive interview with lead vocalist Allan Clarke, original liner notes and rare photos!

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