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1. Another Time
2. Song To The Magic Frog (Will You Ever Know) You Know I've Found
3. A Way
4. The Keeper Of The Games
5. Glass
6. Would You Like To Go
7. My World Fell Down
8. Hotel Indiscreet
9. I'm Not Living Here
10. Musty Dusty
11. The Truth Is Not Real
12. Artificial Light (All Of The Living Lies) (previously unissued)
13. Get The Message (previously unissued)
14. Mass #586 (previously unissued)
15. Love's Fatal Way (previously unissued mono)
16. My World Fell Down (single version)
17. Hotel Indiscreet (single version)
18. Lonely Girl (previously unissued)
19. The Keeper Of The Games (previously unissued)
20. Sister Marie (previously unissued)


Present Tense CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11053

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For producer-wunderkind Gary Usher, Sagittarius was the outcome of months holed up in the studio with like-minded friends: Curt Boettcher, Bruce Johnston, Glen Campbell, the Firesign Theatre and others. The hit single, "My World Fell Down", debuted in 1967. "Present Tense" - shimmering, dense, and relentlessly melodic - quite simply relocated the goals of contemporary pop songwriting and arranging. Mastered in the best Sundazed tradition, "Present Tense" chronicles the epitome of California sunshine rock and the Summer Of Love - it's the sound of the Mamas and Papas, the Beach Boys and Claude Debussy having an Easter egg hunt on Phil Spector's lawn. 20 tracks, including rare single versions and 7 previously unissued tracks.


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