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1. Say What!
2. Lookin’ Out the Window
3. Look at Little Sister
4. Ain’t Gone ’n’ Give Up on Love
5. Gone Home
6. Change It
7. You’ll Be Mine
8. Empty
9. Arms
10. Come On (Part III)
11. Life Without You

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Soul to Soul LP

LP | $28.98

LP 5305

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On his third album Soul to Soul, Stevie Ray Vaughan expanded the Double Trouble lineup with the additions of keyboardist Reese Wynans and saxophonist Joe Sublett. He also extended his electric blues style, seamlessly incorporating elements of soul, R&B and jazz into his approach. The result is one of the legendary guitarist’s most highly prized releases that includes such fan favorites as “Look at Little Sister,” “Change It” and “Say What!”


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