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1. I Confess
2. A Heart Is Made Of Many Things
3. Donít You Think Itís Time You Stopped Your Cryiní
4. Last Nite
5. I And You
6. At The Riverís Edge
7. I Lie Awake
8. Dawn Is Breaking
9. The Time Of The Year Is Sunset
10. Mister Youíre A Better Man Than I
11. Some People Think Iím A Playboy
12. Sloopy

The New Colony Six

Breakthrough LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5106

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One of the most essential garage elpees ever, loaded with the trademark harmonies, Leslie-fied guitar licks, and hypnotizing combo organ of Chicagoís NC6. The High-Definition Vinyl edition is an exact repro of their ultra-rare Ď66 debut; the compact disc features new notes by singer/tambourine basher Ray Graffia and ultra-cool unseen pics! Unstoppably brilliant!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


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Other Formats Available:
Breakthrough CD
Breakthrough CD
compact disc

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