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1. Ooh Mama Ooh
2. Ainít That a Shame
3. I Am Not Willing
4. Itís a Beautiful Day Today
5. Hoochie
6. Trucking Man
7. If You Canít Learn From My Mistakes
8. Captain Nemo
9. Whatís To Choose
10. Going Nowhere
11. Seeing

Moby Grape

Moby Grape '69 - LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5228

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Moby Grape followed the expansiveness of 1968’s Wow with an unadorned, back-to-basics sound on this, their fourth long-player. Bob Mosley’s understated vocal makes the ballad “It’s a Beautiful Day Today” one of the great Grape tracks, Peter Lewis’ stately “I Am Not Willing” is still a stunner and “Trucking Man” and “Ooh Mama Ooh” show that nobody could rock a shuffle like guitarist Jerry Miller and company. Most of ’69 was recorded as a quartet, with Skip Spence having just left the band. His parting gift, “Seeing,” is an alternately tender and tough tab of psychedelia that prefigures his rightly touted solo album, Oar.

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Moby Grape '69 - LP
Moby Grape '69 - LP