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1. Howard Johnston's Got His Ho-Jo Working
2. Magnet
3. Don't Knock at My Door
4. Tragic Magic
5. Only You
6. Who Put the Garlic in the Glue?
7. Get a Grip
8. Boys in the City
9. New Tune
10. Scraps
11. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive/Things Are Getting Better
12. It's Not So Hard
13. Do You Feel It?
14. Ain't It All Right


Scraps LP

LP | $18.98

LP 5184

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The wildly eclectic New Rhythm & Blues Quintet, better known to its worldwide legion of adoring fans as NRBQ (or just the Q!), is the only band on the planet that can play rockabilly, bar-band blooze, Beatles sound-alikes and Sun Ra-style free jazz in the same set and remain standing.

By the time keyboardist Terry Adams, vocalist Frank Gadler, bassist Joey Spampinato, drummer Tom Staley and fabulous new guitarist Al Anderson released Scraps, their wonderful second album in 1972, they had relocated from Florida to New Jersey—and, like their name says, they were actually a quintet for the only time in their career. From the infectious “Howard Johnston’s Got His Ho-Jo Working” to the loveably understated “Magnet,” Scraps is loaded with NRBQ classics that lived up to the eye-popping press garnered by their self-titled 1969 debut.


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