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1. Peace Officer
2. You Came to Me
3. Who Can I Say You Are
4. I’m Afraid
5. Our Time
6. After Me Again
7. A Feeling for You
8. The Only Truth
9. None Are for Me
10. Come Down
11. Love Me
12. I’ll Space You
13. Be Your King

Morly Grey

The Only Truth CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11216

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Fans of top-tier, guitar-driven psychedelia can now revel in the majesty of these Alliance, Ohio iconoclasts!

Veiled in mystery, enshrined in the psychedelic hall of fame and shielded behind a towering wall of collectors’ greenbacks, the reputation of Morly Grey’s 1972 masterwork The Only Truth is beyond dispute. But, accessibility to this Shroud of Hard-Psych Turin has been another matter, impeded by the near- impossibility of obtaining an original pressing and the absolute plethora of shoddy bootlegs.

Quoth the Grey Raven, nevermore. Sundazed has unearthed the original masters, rare single sides, unreleased tracks, and rare graphics, added a detailed history and wrapped them all up in the awesome original artwork for the definitive reissue of The Only Truth. With the veil lifted, fans of fine psychedelia can revel in the majesty of these Alliance, Ohio iconoclasts as they pulverize police corruption on the rocking “Peace Officer,” run through the gently loping psychedelic groove and stellar riff of “You Came to Me,” lay it down hard yet easy on “Our Time” and “After Me Again,” and find enlightenment with the trippy title track. Everything you’ve heard about The Only Truth is (pardon the expression) true!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

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