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1. Rolling Down To Old Maui
2. Rollicking Randy Dandy O
3. So Early In The Spring
4. Catch The Greenland Whale
5. Go To Sea No More
6. South Australia
7. Let The Bullgine Run
8. Back To Sea
9. The Golden Vanity
10. Heave Away Me Johnnys
11. The Argonaut
12. Spanish Ladies
13. The Bonnie Ship The Diamond
14. Sailor Lad
15. A-Rovin'
16. Cold Cold Coast Of Greenland
17. Away Rio
18. Haul Away Joe
19. Drunken Sailor
20. The Handsome Cabin Boy
21. Greenland Whale Fisheries
22. Liverpool Gals
23. Ruben Ranzo

Roger McGuinn


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AUTOGRAPHED by Roger McGuinn!

Roger McGuinn’s love of folk music took him to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One of his favorite folk genres is historical sea chanteys. This 2011 CD reflects that love. His intricate finger work on various stringed instruments and the haunting quality of his Irish heritage vocal style will take the listener back to the days when mighty sailing ships explored the seas from the Kamchatka Bay to the Greenland whaling fisheries.

The CD is beautifully wrapped in an 8-panel package that compliments the music. Along with photos of the ocean and three sailing ships, each song is briefly explained, enabling listeners to enjoy the intricate and historical lyrics as their feet tap to the rhyme of the waves.

Roger was honored to be able to do a small part in preserving these songs of the SEA on this CD. Once he was asked what he thought his legacy would be. His answer was not the expected—THE BYRDS—it was using the modern age of technology to help keep the songs of old from vanishing in the wind.

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