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Jerry Cole

Power Surf: Best of Jerry Cole and his Spacemen - CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11072

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20 maximum guitar-driven cuts from Jerry Cole. Put on some Coppertone so you don't get a guitar burn! Includes Power Surf; Night Drag; Surf Age; Deep Surf; Stinger , and more.

Track Listing
1. Power Surf
2. Night Drag
3. Surf Age
4. Deep Surf
5. Stinger
6. Midnigth Surfer
7. Rosarita Surf
8. Driving Little Deuce
9. Bronze Surfer
10. The Strut
11. Night Rumble
12. Movin' Surf
13. Outer Limits
14. One Color Blues
15. Martian Surf
16. Roadster Run
17. Point Panic
18. T. Roadster Rock
19. Dancing Mags
20. Racing Waves

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