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1. Squeeze Play
2. The Minx (vocal)
3. Murray The Why
4. The Rigging
5. The Party
6. Nicole
7. It's A Lovely Game Louise
8. The Minx (instrumental)
9. Something Special
10. On The Road
11. Walter’s Riff
12. The Chase

13. Terry’s Theme*
14. Something Special (alternate instrumental)*
15. Kites*
16. Squeeze Play (film version)
17. Murray The Why (film version)*
18. Nicole (film version)*
19. Baxter’s Dangerous Game*
20. Terry’s Escape*

*previously unissued

The Cyrkle

The Minx Soundtrack CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11106

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A highly-sought-after collector’s item, The Minx soundtrack is full of the Cyrkle’s trademark three-part harmonies, intricate arrangements, and paisley-psychedelic sounds (the percussion intro of “Nicole” has become a break-beat classic). Recorded in 1967—following the Cyrkle's pop chart success with Paul Simon's “Red Rubber Ball” and their own “Turn-Down Day”—and shelved until the film's release two years later, The Minx has eluded the grasp of even the most dedicated Cyrkle fan, until now.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

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