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1. Everything Is Everything
2. Two Much*
3. Advise And Consent
4. This Should Make You Happy* (CD Only)
5. Black Snow
6. Chances*
7. Mother Nature,-Father Earth
8. Talk Me Down*
9. Dark White
10. Push Don't Pull*
11. Smoke And Water* (CD Only)
12. King Mixer (CD Only)
13. Unca Tinka Ty*
14. Citizen Fear*
15. Worry (instrumental)* (CD Only)
16. Worry (vocal)*
17. Tell Me What Ya Got*
18. Point Of No Return (CD Only)
19. 902*

* previously unissued

The Music Machine

Ignition CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11038

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In the teeming, churning world of ‘60s garage punk, the Music Machine stood out from the pack. With their all-black clothing, menacing minor key melodies and main man Sean Bonniwell’s gritty lyrics, they created a musical world that was the dark underbelly of the Summer of Love. While they are best known for their top twenty hit, “Talk Talk,” during their time together they recorded multiple sessions packed with squealing Farfisas, fuzzed out guitars and Bonniwell’s omnipotent baritone vocals. Collecting this wealth of material has been a daunting task for fans in the past, but Sundazed has risen to the challenge with Ignition. This collection of incredible rarities mines material from across the band’s career, from their pre-“Talk, Talk” 1965 demos as the Ragamuffins to their final experimental 1969 recordings. Compiled by Bob Irwin and Sean Bonniwell, these 19 tracks (14 on the 180 gram vinyl LP) offer an intriguing look at group’s rich catalog.

The Ragamuffins’ demos capture the band at a point of transition, evolving from folk rock to their later, more aggressive style. “Two Much,” for example, finds them following a typical pop template underscored with an unmistakable sense of foreboding. Another Ragamuffins track, “Push Don’t Pull,” is a strident, blues-based number propelled by a martial drumbeat. Jumping ahead to “Dark White,” a terrific 1969 outtake, the foreboding moves front and center, enveloping the listener as the track slowly builds to a climax. Also included is rare single “Advise and Consent,” a showcase for Bonniwell’s soulful singing.

The perfect compliment to the band’s released ouput, Ignition adds an essential chapter to the Music Machine story. Detailed notes by Bonniwell and Music Machine expert Mike Stax (of Ugly Things magazine fame) guide you through each selection with enlightening insight. Mastered from the original analog session tapes by Bob Irwin and Sean Bonniwell with painstaking precision, these tracks fire faster than brand-new spark plugs. Let the countdown to Ignition begin!

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Ignition LP
Ignition LP