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1. Mr. Guitar
2. My Beth
3. Deacon Jones
4. Steel Trap
5. Cross Ties
6. Jack The Ripper
7. Fat Back
8. Run Chicken Run
9. Dinosaur
10. Big Ben
11. Mash Potato Party
12. Rumble

Link Wray

Jack The Ripper LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5192

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With his rawboned and ravaged instrumentals from the early ’60s, Link Wray single-handedly made the guitar the ultimately cool instrument of choice for a whole new generation. Wielding a Danelectro Longhorn, Link Wray—who created the blueprint for everyone from the Kingsmen to the Cramps with his flame-throwing sound—proceeded to outdo himself with this rare LP from 1963, now corralled on this Sundazed exact-repro, in crunchily perfect sound courtesy of the original Swan mono master tapes!


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