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We the People

Mirror Of Our Minds 2-CD Set

compact disc | $24.98

SC 11056

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Rising from the crowded garage band underbelly of '66 suburban America, Florida's We The People proved to be an unbelievably dynamic aggregation; versatile in the true sense of the word. From punkish Them-like R&B screamers and eastern-toned proto-psych mini-masterpieces to Kinks, soul and pure pop-flavored gems, this fivesome covered all the bases with consistently amazing results. With this 2-CD, 40-track collection filled to capacity with unseen photos, interviews with the original band members, 14 unissued tracks, We The People's entire history is uncovered in definitive fashion...from impossibly rare pre-People cuts by The Trademarks, Nonchalants & Offbeets, through the entire recorded output of the group, a bevy of unissued cuts, demos...and beyond!

1. Everything'll Be Alright*
2. Drivin' Me Out Of My Mind*
3. My Brother, The Man (vers. 1)
4. Mirror Of Your Mind
5. (You Are) The Color Of Love
6. She Does Everything For Me*
7. He Doesn't Go About It Right
8. You Burn Me Up And Down
9. Nothing Like A Vision* (demo)
10. Proceed With Caution
11. By The Rule
12. Look At The Girls* (vers. 1)
13. Love Is A Beautiful Thing
14. Double Trouble*
15. Don't Say You Love Me Too
16. St. John's Shop (vers. 1)
17. Love Wears Black (None)* (vers. 1)
18. Beginning Of The End
19. The Day She Dies
20. There's Gonna Be A Storm*
21. When I Arrive
22. No, No Boys*
23. In The Past
24. Alfred, What Kind Of Man Are You
25. Boy, She Just Don't Feel It* (demo)
26. Declaration Of Independence
27. Look At The Girls* (vers. 2)
28. Follow Me Back To Louisville
29. Lovin' Son Of A Gun
30. St. John's Shop (vers. 2)
31. Half Of Wednesday
32. Fluorescent Hearts
33. I Wanna Do It*
34. She Lied
35. Ain't Gonna Find Nobody (Better Than You)
36. My Brother, The Man (vers. 2)
37. Free Information
38. You Like Me, You Love Me* (demo)
39. Too Much Noise
40. Love Wears Black (None)* (vers. 2)

*previously unissued

Tracks on this release also appear on the following compilations:
Garage Beat '66 Vol. 2: Chicks Are For Kids CD
Garage Beat '66 Vol. 6: Speak of the Devil... CD

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