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The Trashmen

Great Lost Album '64-'66! LP

LP | $21.98

LP 5003

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Yep, it's the legendary, unreleased followup LP to Surfin' Bird (ca. 1964) and another 2 rarities recorded in Iowa (ca. mid-1966). Ultra-cool liners by Miriam Linna plus super rare photos of our favorite land-locked surfers. Rock 'n' roll history set straight!

1. Ghost Riders In The Sky
2. Keep A Knockin'
3. Think It Over
4. Greensleeves
5. True True Lovin'
6. Stick Shift
7. Hava Nagila
8. Be True To Your School
9. Bad News (alt.version)
10. Wild Cat Loose In Town
11. Mind Your Own Business 12. Bird Diddley Beat
13. Talk About Love
14. Heartbeat

Also available for digital download on iTunes.

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