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The E-Types

I Can't Do It / Long Before 7" Single

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

S 133

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If Charles Darwin needed further case studies for his theories expounding the forces of environment, he should have hung around for the birth of the E-Types before he published his work. Raised fifty miles southwest of San Jose in the lettuce farming community of Salinas, working part-time jobs in fertilizer factories, with precious little musical education to light the way, the E-Types—Bob and Jody Wence, Don Shephard, Danny Monigold and Reggie Shaffer—used Shephard's garage to somehow clone those heavenly British Invasion harmonies they'd heard on records by the Beatles and the Zombies.

In early 1966 the band entered Leo Kulka’s Golden State Recorders in San Francisco to record their first single for Link Records. The two songs cut that day—both penned by band pal Larry Hosford—were staples of the set that helped the E-Types grab first place at "Surfin' Safari," KLIV's Battle of the Bands, the previous summer, insuring that the Golden State sessions went off without a hitch.

It was no surprise when "I Can't Do It" immediately shot into the top ten at KMBY, the boss jock AM radio mainstay from nearby Monterey. The rocking A-side siphons off elements of the Fab Four, Herman's Hermits, the Zombies and the Hollies, while the flipside,"Long Before," could have been covered by the shaggy Liverpudlian foursome with no one the wiser. Except maybe for Charles Darwin, because he was some kinda genius.

1. I Can't Do It
2. Long Before

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