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Southwest F.O.B

Smell of Incense - CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11060

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Dallas psychedelia from Dan Seals and John Colley, who later became England Dan and John Ford Coley! Imagine joining their heavenly harmonies to fuzz-drenched guitar and Farfisa organ; that's what awaits you on this rare 1968 album, complete with rare singles and alternate cuts plus booklet. Includes the hit Smell of Incense and 19 more.

1. Smell Of Incense
2. Tomorrow
3. Rock 'N' Roll Woman
4. Downtown Woman/Nadine
5. All One Big Game
6. On My Mind
7. Bells Of Baytown
8. And Another Thing
9. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
10. Independent Me
11. Green Skies
12. As I Look At You
13. Beggar Man
14. Feelin' Groovy
15. Dynamite
16. I Want Your Love
17. Smell Of Incense (Single Mix)
18. Nadine (Single Mix)
19. Tomorrow (Alternate Mix)
20. And Another Thing (Edited Version

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