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The Paisleys

Cosmic Mind at Play - CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11112

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First-ever legit reissue of this psychedelic ultra-rarity! This swirling psych album has been vastly expanded with unissued cuts and revealing demos by these dark Minneapolis wizards.

1. Cosmic Mind At Play
2. Rockin’
3. Now
4. Smokey Windows
5. Diddley
6. Wind
7. Musical Journey
8. Something’s Missing 9. medley: Comin’ On / City Of Light / Home Again previously unissued album outtake
10. The Fool With The Jewel previously unissued live recording
11. Step Quietly and Quickly previously unissued demo recording
12. Elf In A Magic Bottle previously unissued demo recording
13. In Dreams previously unissued demo recording

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