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The Rip Chords

Sting Ray / Shut Down / Red Hot Roadster 7" EP

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

SEP 188

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Here’s a roaring seven-inch EP featuring a trio of unreleased demos from the Rip Chords, an early alias of storied record producer Terry Melcher and future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, along with original members, Ernie Bringas and Phil Stewart. On deck: “Sting Ray,” is a previously unissued ode to the legendary fastback, featuring the singing prowess of all four Rip Chords, while the group’s first take on Beach Boys staple “Shut Down” spotlights one of the earliest Rip Chords vocals by Melcher (who produced all the tunes here in dazzling style). Finally, we’ve unearthed an unissued version of “Red Hot Roadster,” a Melcher original which first appeared in the 1965 teen flick A Swingin’ Summer. Color Us Gone!!!

1. Sting Ray
2. Red Hot Roadste
3. Shut Down

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The Rip Chords - The Rip Chords

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