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The Challengers

Surfbeat - CD

compact disc | $12.98 $3.99

Sc 6029

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The best-selling instrumental surf album of all time, with two bonus tracks, original cover art, original and updated liner notes and such Richard Delvy-produced gems as Bulldog; Kami-Kaze , and Let's Go Trippin' , all taken from the original stereo masters and multi-tracks!

Track Listing:
1. Bulldog
2. Kami-Kaze
3. Let's Go Trippin'
4. Ramrod
5. Mr. Moto
6. Red River Rock
7. Miserlou
8. Latin'iav 9. Surfin' Safariv 10. Movin' And Groovin'
11. Vampire
12. Torquay
13. Penetration
14. Surf Beat (Delvy's Drums

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