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1. Let’s Go Trippin'
2. Del-Tone Rock
3. Shake N' Stomp
4. Jungle Fever
5. Miserlou
6. Eight Till Midnight
7. Peppermint Man
8. Surf Beat
9. A Run For Life
10. Lovin’ On My Brain
11. King Of The Surf Guitar
12. Hava Nagila
13. Surfin’ And A-Swingin’
14. Secret Surfin’ Spot
15. Wild Ideas
16. The Scavenger
17. The Wedge
18. Night Rider
19. Mr. Eliminator
20. The Victor
21. Wild, Wild Mustang
22. Grudge Run
23. Glory Wave
24. Never On Sunday
25. Who Can He Be
26. Oh Marie
27. Let’s Go Trippin ’65
28. Watusi Jo

Dick Dale and His Del-Tones

Singles Collection ’61-65 MONO 2-LP Set

LP | $34.98

LP 5248

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Original mono single releases

The Dick Dale & His Deltones Singles Collection ’61-65 fills a crucial void in the Dick Dale catalog: collected here are 28 wild ‘n killer single sides from the Deltone and Capitol labels, featuring rare 45-only tracks and unique mono single versions of such iconic Dale classics as "Let's Go Trippin'," "Miserlou," "The Wedge," "Mr. Eliminator," "Secret Surfin' Spot" and his legendary theme song, "King of the Surf Guitar."

Finally corralled together for the first time, these powerhouse single A & B sides offer testament to the undiminished power of Dale’s work, as well as his continuing status as one of rock's preeminent guitar innovators.

As a result of Sundazed’s unprecedented access to Dale’s massive tape archive, this incredible double-LP collection has been sourced from the original analog reels and pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl. These tracks capture the bigger-than-life guitar master at his absolute greatest... Jungle Fever, baby!!!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


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