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1. Cry! Cry! Cry!
2. Hey Porter
3. Folsom Prison Blues
4. So Doggone Lonesome
5. I Walk the Line
6. Get Rhythm
7. Train of Love
8. There You Go
9. Next in Line
10. Don't Make Me Go
11. Give My Love to Rose
12. Home of the Blues
13. Ballad of a Teenage Queen
14. Big River
15. Guess Things Happen That Way
16. Come In Stranger
17. You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven
18. The Ways of a Woman in Love
19. I Just Thought You'd Like to Know
20. It's Just About Time
21. Luther Played the Boogie
22. Thanks a Lot
23. Katy Too
24. Forgot to Remember to Forget
25. Goodbye, Little Darlin', Goodbye
26. You Tell Me
27. Straight As in Love
28. I Love You Because

Johnny Cash

Original Sun Singles '55-'58 2 LP Set

LP | $34.98

LP 5179

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Pressed at R.T.I.
To hear Johnny Cash’s swaggering Sun Records-era material is to marvel at one of the primal source-streams of what was fast becoming the headwaters of rock ’n’ roll. Cash’s craggy, lunch-bucket vocals on gleaming original versions of songs like “Cry! Cry! Cry!,” “Get Rhythm,” “Big River,” and “I Walk the Line,” backed by the signature guitar style of Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant’s steady bass, are really just the tip of the iceberg corralled on this stunning collection. “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Hey Porter,” and “So Doggone Lonesome”—and plenty more just as exciting— offer still more rock-solid cornerstones of the Johnny Cash legend, an edifice that will stand as long as the pharaohs’ pyramids.


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Original Sun Singles ’55–’58 CD
Original Sun Singles ’55–’58 CD
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