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1. Mama, Here Comes The Bride
2. Take The Last Train Home (Instrumental)
3. Welcome Home Baby
4. I’ve Got A Woman
5. I Still Want You
6. Take The Last Train Home (Vocal)
7. Love Is A Swinging Thing
8. Ooh Poo Pah Doo
9. New Orleans
10. Mister Twister
11. Potato Chips

The Shirelles

The Shirelles and King Curtis Give a Twist Party LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5437

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180 gram vinyl


In 1962, the twist was EVERYWHERE. Artists from Joey Dee to Frank Sinatra (?!) were all chasing the craze, feverishly recording twist-able platters to meet the dance floor demand. Saxophone great King Curtis didn’t sleep on the trend, scoring a major hit with “Soul Twist” along with several other twist-themed singles. Thus, it was only natural that he should team up with the country’s #1 girl group, The Shirelles, themselves in the middle of an incredible run of chart-topping singles. This inspired pairing resulted in the Shirelles’ second LP release of 1962, The Shirelles and King Curtis Give a Twist Party.

And what a party it is! The album’s eleven tracks mix scorching instrumentals with vocal numbers, never once stopping for air. Curtis’ gritty sax tone combines with The Shirelles’ dulcet harmonies for a one-of-a-kind sound that will have everyone in the house on their feet, wearing through shoe leather. Sourced from the original Scepter analog master, this Sundazed reissue is destined to become a “go to” LP for your next soirée. Because when The Shirelles and King Curtis Give a Twist Party, the only acceptable RSVP is "YES!!!”

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