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1. Before You Go
2. Gonna Have Love
3. Getting Used To Losing You
4. Steel Guitar Rag
5. No Fool Like An Old Fool
6. I Betcha Didn't Know
7. (I Want) No One But You
8. If You Want A Love
9. Number One Heel
10. Raz Ma-Taz Polka
11. There's Gonna Come A Day
12. Charlie Brown
13. Love's Gonna Live Here (Instumental Version)
14. Before You Go (Instrumental Version)

Buck Owens and His Buckaroos

Before You Go / No One But You CD

compact disc | $12.98

SC 6048

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His tenth Capitol LP in four years and second of 1965, Before You Go/No One But You continued Buck Owens' prolific hit-making roll. The lead title track spent six long weeks at #1 on the country charts and features two distinct tempos: upbeat at the beginning before switching abruptly to waltz time. Co-written by Buck and Red Simpson, “Gonna Have Love” features a hook-heavy guitar riff from Don Rich and was another successful single. More Buckaroo wizardry was delivered by steel guitarist Tom Brumley in his scorching serving of Leon McAuliffe’s “Steel Guitar Rag.” Brumley and Rich are also featured prominently on the two bonus tracks of this Sundazed Music remastered edition, instrumental versions of “Love’s Gonna Live Here” and “Before You Go.” Turn it up and clear the dance floor!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

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Before You Go / No One But You - Download on iTunes
Before You Go / No One But You - Download on iTunes
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