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1. Get Out My Life, Woman
2. Swallow The Sun
3. Flying High
4. Meadow Memory
5. Saturday Night Flight 505
6. Give Up On Love
7. Two-O-Tango
8. Ballad Of A Sad Man
9. Nothing At All
10. Mrs. Ansel Griffith
11. Boston
12. Live A Little
13. Step To The Rear
14. Get Out Of My Life, Woman (alt. take)
15. Meadow Memory (alt. take)
16. Swallow The Sun (alt. take)

The Love Exchange

The Love Exchange - CD

compact disc | $12.98

SC 6113

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Both adventurous and appealingly innocent, the Love Exchange’s eponymous 1968 album stands as a perfect example of Aquarian-age sunshine pop. Boasting a swirling, jangly sound and a distinctive lead singer in 16-year-old Bonnie Blunt, the Los Angeles quintet burned briefly but brightly. They remained together long enough to make this album, which remains a favorite of ‘60s aficionados.

Led by the buoyant, infectious psych-folk-pop single “Swallow the Sun,” The Love Exchange perfectly captures the open-minded, open-hearted spirit of its era. Such tunes as “Flying High,” “Meadow Memory,” “Saturday Night Flight 505” and a take on Allen Toussaint’s classic “Get Out of My Life Woman” are distinguished by the band’s male/female vocal blend, by Walt Flannery’s now-sound organ work and by the interplay of guitarists Dan Altchuler and Fred Barnett. It’s music that plays like the perfect soundtrack for a Griffith Park Love-In.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

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