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The Byrds

The Preflyte Sessions 2-CD Set

compact disc | $24.98

SC 11116

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Before turning rock ‘n’ roll on its ear in the spring of ‘65, the Byrds spent countless hours creating and refining their unique sound at LA’s World Pacific Studios. Hear history literally in the making as McGuinn, Crosby, Clark, Hillman and Clarke record newborn, spine-tingling versions of classics-to-be like “Mr. Tambourine Man,” “You Won’t Have To Cry,” “I Knew I'd Want You” and “Here Without You” as well as lost gems such as “The Reason Why,” “Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away” and “You Showed Me” (later a smash for the Turtles).

This is the most comprehensive collection of the Byrds' pre-Columbia recordings ever assembled. The 2-CD (and double High-Definition Vinyl gatefold LP set) Preflyte Sessions set is filled with 40 World Pacific Studio recordings circa 1964 and '65; tracks include all cuts found on the original Together-label Preflyte album, plus unissued and alternate versions from both the acoustic and electric Byrds' sessions, early David Crosby demo recordings, and the rare pre-Byrds Jet Set recording of "The Only Girl I Adore."

The Preflyte Sessions features a historical essay by Rolling Stone Senior Editor David Fricke – based on new interviews with Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, original Byrds' manager Jim Dickson and others present at the sessions – and is handsomely adorned with an absolute wealth of previously unpublished photos by Jim Dickson and legendary rock photographer Barry Feinstein. The Byrds' Preflyte Sessions captures the newly-kindled fire and enthusiasm of one of the most legendary and influential groups of all time.

1. The Reason Why (II)
2. You Wonít Have To Cry (electric)
3. She Has A Way (IV)*
4. You Showed Me (electric)
5. Here Without You (II)
6. Donít Be Long
7. I Knew Iíd Want You (electric II)
8. Boston (II)*
9. Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away (electric)
10. For Me Again (II)*
11. Itís No Use (II)*
12. You Moviní (III)*
13. Please Let Me Love You
14. The Airport Song
15. Mr. Tambourine Man (electric)
16. She Has A Way (III)*
17. I Knew Iíd Want You (electric I)*
18. Boston (inst.)*
19. You Showed Me (inst.)*
20. The Times They Are A Changiní (inst.)*

1. The Only Girl I Adore
2. Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away (acoustic)
3. You Showed Me (acoustic)
4. I Knew Iíd Want You (acoustic)
5. You Wonít Have To Cry (acoustic)
6. Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic)
7. Willie Jean (David Crosby)
8. Come Back Baby (David Crosby)
9. Jack Of Diamonds (David Crosby)*
10. Get Together (David Crosby)*
11. She Has A Way (I)*
12. Here Without You (I)
13. For Me Again (I)
14. Itís No Use (I)
15. You Moviní (I)
16. Boston (I)
17. She Has A Way (II)
18. You Moviní (II)*
19. The Reason Why (I)*
20. Itís No Use (III)*

*previously unissued

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