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1. TIME BOMB: The Avengers VI
2. SURFBUSTER: Jan Davis
3. MIDNIGHT SURFER: Jerry Cole & His Spacemen
4. THE GREMMIE PT. 1: The Tornadoes
5. STICK SHIFT: The Trashmen
6. YEP: The Surfaris
8. WALK, DON’T RUN ’64: The Teemates
9. THE HEARSE: Al Casey
10. SATAN’S THEME: The Challengers
11. HOT CINDERS: The Progressives
12. SCORPION: The Vibrants
13. HEARTBEAT: The Avengers VI
15. SURFBEAT: The Surfriders
16. FALL OUT: The Stage-Men
17. ISTAMBUL: The Gladiators
18. FINK: P.J. & Artie
19. RUM RUNNER: The Surfriders
20. MOON RACE: The Citations
21. WILDFIRE: The Vibrants
22. STRANGE FEVER: Thom Starr & the Galaxies
23. SCALPING PARTY: The Tornados
24. SPIN OUT: The Teensmen
25. MOON SHOT: Kenny & the Fiends
26. SPANISH MOON: The Travelers
27. THE TRUANT: The Truants
28. RAW-HIDE: The Pastels

Various Artists – Lost Legends of Surf Guitar

More Lost Legends of Surf Guitar 2-LP Set

LP | $34.98

LP 5421

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It's hard to think of a musical style that's more quintessentially American than surf music. Springing up along the California coast in the early 1960s, the surf sound—characterized by "wet"-sounding guitar reverb that echoed the sound of the sea and pummeling rhythms that emulated the ocean's currents—was originally inspired and nurtured by the culture that surrounded the sport. Despite its provincial origins, the surf genre captured the imagination of teenagers around the world, and spawned a remarkably large body of highly original music, with an emphasis on innovative guitar instrumentals that would influence rock axemen for decades to come.

Much of that vintage surf music was originally released on small regional labels, and many of the acts that created some of the greatest surf music never released more than a handful of singles. Those factors resulted in many original surf classics remaining difficult to obtain in recent years. Sundazed Music, a longstanding champion of vintage surf music, went a long way towards remedying that situation with the release of its CD series Lost Legends of Surf Guitar. The series has been widely recognized for rescuing numerous rare, obscure and/or lesser-known gems from surf music's golden age. Now, the landmark series moves into second gear, progressing into the vinyl format with a pair of double-LP collections, each of which features 28 below-the-radar vintage surf killers.

More Lost Legends of Surf Guitar ups the ante with 28 more vintage surf winners, with additional performances by the Challengers, Jerry Cole & His Spacemen, the Surfaris, the Tornadoes and the Trashmen, plus terrific tunes by surf innovators the Belairs, session guitar great Al Casey and regional legend Thom Starr & the Galaxies.

This essential collection, meticulously mastered from rare vintage tapes and pressed on high-quality vinyl, is the perfect collection for gremmie and ho-dad alike, so grab this wave and jump head-first into the surf!!!

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