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1. Shakin’ All Over
2. Tuff E Nuff
3. I'd Rather Be Alone
4. All Right
5. Baby Feelin'
6. You Know He Did
7. Believe Me
8. Clock On The Wall
9. It's My Pride
10. If You Don't Want Me
11. Baby's Birthday
12. Made In England
13. Seven Long Years
14. Gonna Search*
15. Stop Teasing Me*
16. Hey Ho (What You Do To Me)*
17. One Day*
18. I Should Have Realized*
19. Use Your Imagination*
20. Don't Act So Bad*
21. As*
22. Just A Matter Of Time*
23. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
24. Goodnight Goodnight*


The Guess Who

Shakin' All Over! 2-LP Set

LP | $34.98

LP 5113

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Though they found worldwide fame in 1969, Winnipeg's Guess Who had been scoring scads of hard-rockin' hits in Canada for years, beginning with 1965's ferocious rendition of "Shakin' All Over." Now, spurred by the recent unearthing of a bevy of vintage master tapes—and with the help of Guess Who guitarist Randy Bachman—we've gathered 24 of The Guess Who's hardest-hitting, most awesome recordings from '63-'67. With many tracks in true stereo and a handful of cuts that haven't seen daylight for more than 30 years, Shakin' All Over! is the ultimate distillation of the seismic sound of the early Guess Who, and is available on CD and as a double high-definition vinyl gatefold LP!

Tracks on this release also appear on the following compilation:
Garage Beat '66 Vol. 2: Chicks Are For Kids CD

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Shakin' All Over! CD
Shakin' All Over! CD
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Shakin' All Over! CD