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1. Bleecker And MacDougal
2. Blues On The Ceiling
3. Sweet Mama
4. Little Bit Of Rain
5. Country Boy
6. Other Side To This Life
7. Mississippi Train
8. Travelin' Shoes
9. The Water is Wide
10. Yonder Comes The Blues
11. Candy Man
12. Handful Of Gimme
13. Gone Again

Fred Neil

Bleecker And MacDougal LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5107

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With a deeply resonant voice that exuded a hundred things at once—pain, joy, weariness and decades ofexperience—Fred Neil created a small body of work that covered the world like paint. No one from the vibrant early '60s Greenwich Village folk scene had more staying power than this legendary recluse. Neil's 1964 debut, Bleecker And MacDougal, captures the great man at the apex of his talents. Exact repro on High-Definition Vinyl, from the original analog masters!


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