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1. Little Ford Ragtop
2. Competition Coupe
3. The Hearse
4. ’55 Bird
5. Devil Driver’s Theme
6. Happy Ho-Daddy
7. Our Car Club
8. Devil Driver
9. Chevy Scarfer
10. 4:56 Stingray
11. El Aguila (The Eagle)
12. 650 Scrambler

The Astronauts

Competition Coupe LP

LP | $21.98 $17.58

LP 5213

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Like every great surf combo worth its salt, the Astronauts were fully aware that the dragstrip was only a few miles away from the beach! When it came time to cut their 1964 LP, Competition Coupe, the fiery Boulder, Colorado quintet retooled their slippery-when-wet sound to accommodate the supercharged, A-gas burning crowd faster than the light blinks green on a Christmas-tree drag stack. The blistering lead guitar of Rich Fifield, stacked up against the twin rhythm-guitar assault of Bob Demmon and Dennis Lindsey, navigated the asphalt aisle as easily as it had previously straddled those pounding 20-footers on magical sides like "Little Ford Ragtop," "650 Scrambler," and album title-tune. A holy grail for surf 'n' drag collectors, Sundazed's high-definition vinyl, exact repro of Competition Coupe is cause for rubber-burning celebrations everywhere!

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