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1. Little Bad News
2. Simple Man

The Bostweeds

Little Bad News / Simple Man - 7" Single

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

DJ 551

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A cryptic aura still surrounds the whereabouts and personnel lineage of this (presumably) Los Angeles, California based combo. “Little Bad News," the first of two Chattahoochee label singles issued during the latter half of 1965, featured keyboard player Dennis Culver alongside the sneering, sinister sounding vocal howls from lead singer, Lynn Ready (also a former, short-lived member of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers in 1957). Before fading away, the Bostweeds were contracted in early 1966 to record the title song for the now legendary drive-in movie classic, “Faster, Pussycat! Kill Kill!" A sought-after, but very limited one-sided 45rpm pressing of the title song exists on vinyl as “Faster Pussycat."

About the Sundazed DJ Series:
As any self-respecting, crate-digging 45 collector can tell you, a buying excursion often ends with dirty fingers and an empty wallet. And that’s if you’re lucky! Too often, those “holy grail” singles are just impossible to find at any cost. The ever-climbing prices of these prized seven-inchers have led many a shady character to slap together substandard bootleg versions, mastered from worn vinyl and affixed with blurry, low-resolution labels. Thus, the singles seeker is left to choose between paying an astronomical sum for an original (if one can even be found), making do with a shabby bootleg or going home empty handed. When faced with these options, you just can’t get no satisfaction.

This need for rare singles at reasonable prices has inspired the creation of the Sundazed Disc Jockey Series. An exciting new ongoing series of seven-inchers, it will encompass amazing surf, obscenely rare garage and other worthy genres without limit. These releases are of the highest quality, sourced from the original master tapes, adorned with exact label reproductions whenever possible and pressed on deep groove, high-definition vinyl. In addition to bringing back long-lost gems, the series will also create the singles you always wished existed, scouring the vaults for rarities and unissued cuts. All titles are licensed legitimately from the proper repertoire owners, making this the first 100% legal line of 45 RPM rarities available to the discerning vinyl connoisseur.

True to its name, this series is perfect for cutting edge DJ’s looking to spin frenzied floor fillers without having to transport their valuable original pressings to the club. Likewise, these titles are tailor made for the vinyl enthusiast intent on enhancing their music library. There was a time when the initial pressings of these singles were still available and a line like this might not have been as necessary. That is not the case now. Just as guitar manufacturers have responded to their customers’ cries for exact reproductions of classic models, the Sundazed Disc Jockey Series is answering the call for a superior selection of ultra-rare singles. For those about to rock, roll, jerk, stomp, mash, frug and, swim, we salute you!

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