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Sonny & Cher

The Wondrous World Of Sonny & Cher CD

compact disc | $34.98

KS-SC 6140

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Four years before their hippie trappings were co-opted and sanitized by Madison Ave. and the Partridge Family, Sonny & Cher were the stuff of rebellion: real teen rebellion against uptight teachers, twistin' grandmas, hopelessly Donna Reed parents, the entire gamut of squares. Theirs was a quantum leap in the history of teen insolence, overnight transforming a hitherto dark, greasy, James-Dean-dangerous rebellion into a long-haired, bell-bottom, bobcat-vest luv-fest rebellion, with its own musical accompaniment. Sonny & Cher were postwar-America's first rebels without switchblades. Their near-cuddly outrageousness was irresistible. In an era of smashed traditions and questioned authority, Sonny & Cher showed their anti-establishment audience how two people could be married, even married and singing silly love songs to one another, and still be the epitome of cool.

1. Summertime
2. Tell Him
3. I'm Leaving It All Up To You
4. But You're Mine
5. Bring It On Home To Me
6. Set Me Free
7. What Now My Love
8. Leave Me Be
9. I Look For You
10. Laugh At Me
11. Turn Around
12. So Fine
13. The Revolution Kind*
14. Have I Stayed To Long*
15. Crying Time*


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