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The Cyrkle

Waiting In The Rain / Sigma Stomp / 7 Up The UnCola / Their Hearts Were Full of Spring 7" EP

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

KS7 03

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Four long-lost numbers by the Cyrkle, the group best known for their 1966 smash “Red Rubber Ball.” The songs range from early recordings — the 1963 demo “Waiting In The Rain,” and “Sigma Stomp,” recorded in an actual frat-house on a 1/4 track tape recorder as a radio promo in 1964 — to a luscious acappella rendition of the Four Freshmen’s heart-tugging “Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring” and a breezy “7 UP the UnCola” jingle from 1968. With track-by-track annotation by singer/guitarist Tom Dawes!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

1. Waiting In The Rain
2. Sigma Stomp
3. 7 Up The UnCola
4. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring

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