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The Byrds

Preflyte Digital Download

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In those heady days before they knocked AM radio (and the British Invasion) for a loop with their smash single "Mr. Tambourine Man" in the spring of '65, the Byrds were busy honing their repertoire, cutting early versions of brilliant songs like "You Showed Me," "She Has a Way" and "Boston." Produced by Jim Dickson, and sporting the original Keith Olsen stereo mixes, Preflyte is a hypnotic backward glance at the musical baby pictures of McGuinn, Crosby, Clark & Co. just before they changed the whole world—for the first time!

1. You Showed Me
2. Here Without You
3. She Has a Way
4. The Reason Why
5. For Me Again
6. Boston
7. You Movin’
8. The Airport Song
9. You Won't Have to Cry
10. I Knew I'd Want You
11. Mr. Tambourine Man

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