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The Groupies

The Groupies EP Digital Download

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Available for digital download on iTunes.

New York's Groupies are best remembered for pounding out their all-time Pebbles-classic, "Primitive" for Atco Records. Leave it to us, however, to unearth a wonderfully nasty, unissued performance from mid-'67-including the two tracks here which DEMAND your attention and loudly demonstrate the band's howling blues-based garage insanity!

Long before such live tape luxuries as the Rolling Stones Mobile Unit, engineer whiz-kid Neil Hopper was blazing a trail up and down the California coast with his field recordings of psychedelic-era outlaws. Knowing what a driving force the entire band was at their live performances, Neil made sure he had enough tape for the Groupies performance. Neil said of the performance, “This was the second, and last, time I saw them perform. For years after that I wondered whatever happened to them and why they never made the big time.”

With these wild sides, recorded among the sand, surf and psilocybin of an L.A. area beach concert, New York’s GROUPIES finally receive a nod to their lost years in Hollywood.

1. Down In The Bottom
2. You Changed Again

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