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Save for a Rainy Day - Download on iTunes

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Available for digital download on iTunes.

Jan & Dean: Save for a Rainy Day

When Jan Berry was injured in terrible auto accident in 1966, partner Dean Torrence did his best to keep the duo’s name alive. Though released under the Jan & Dean moniker, Save for a Rainy Day was solely Torrence’s creation. A concept album featuring songs about rain with sound effects of a thunderstorm linking the tracks, it was an adventurous departure from the duo’s past work. Much of the album was recorded in the garage of Torrence’s neighbor, bassist Joe Osbourne. Osbourne enlisted fellow “Wrecking Crew” regulars Larry Knetchel and James Burton to help him build the basic tracks. Together with Torrence, they crafted a modern California soundscape, very much a mirror of their friend Brian Wilson’s evolution from surf music to more sophisticated pop.

Columbia Records released one single from the album, “Yellow Balloon.” Written by Gary Zekley, Zekley also released a version of the song under the band name Yellow Balloon, using the same backing tracks as the Torrence version. While Yellow Balloon’s single became a Top30 hit, Torrence’s version faded into obscurity. Columbia subsequently declined to release the album, leaving Torrence to issue it himself on the J&D Record Company label.

Belatedly hailed as a classic sunshine pop album, this Sundazed edition features a 13 bonus tracks. Made up of alternate takes, different mixes and instrumental renditions, it more than doubles the original album’s running time. Furthermore, it pulls back the curtain on the creative process, affording the listener an unprecedented look inside the album’s development. While Berry would eventually battle his way back from debilitating injuries to rejoin his partner, Save for a Rainy Day remains a shimmering tribute to Dean Torrence’s panoramic musical vision.

1. Yellow Balloon
2. Here Comes The Rain
3. Pocket Full Of Rainbows
4. When Sunny Gets Blue
5. Like A Summer Rain
6. Raindrops
7. Rain On The Roof
8. Cryin' In The Rain
9. Taste Of Rain
10. Save For A Rainy Day Theme

11. Yellow Balloon (ver. two - stereo)
12. Taste Of Rain (ver. two - stereo)
13. Here Comes The Rain (stereo)
14. Lullaby In The Rain (California Lullaby) (stereo)
15. Yellow Balloon (ver. one - stereo)
16. Taste Of Rain (ver. one - stereo)
17. Rain Clouds Long Gone (instr. track - mono)*
18. When Sunny Gets Blue (instr. track - stereo)*
19. Pocket Full Of Rainbows (stereo ver.)
20. Rain On The Roof (stereo ver.)
21. Yellow Balloon (instr. ver. two - stereo)*
22. Taste Of Rain (instr. track - stereo)*
23. Save For A Rainy Day Theme (stereo ver.)

*previously unissued

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Other Formats Available:
Save for a Rainy Day -LIMITED EDITION MONO- LP
Save for a Rainy Day -LIMITED EDITION MONO- LP
Save For A Rainy Day 2-LP Set
Save For A Rainy Day 2-LP Set

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