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The Shady Daze

I'll Make You Pay EP Digital Download

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Shady Daze – I'll Make You Pay EP

Forget deep dish pizza…the best thing ever to come from Chicago just might be the deranged, fuzzed-out assault of "I'll Make You Pay" by the Shady Daze. Originally intended as the B-side, the group dropped it from their club set list only to realize many years later, the error of their ways.

Instead, at live performances, the group would play a cover like Sam & Dave’s soul hit, “You Don’t Know Like I Know” because of its appeal on the dance floor.

Fellow Chi-town chaps, Saturday’s Children wrote “Dennis Dupree from Danville” and “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” by the Young Rascals was recorded in ’67 for the A side of the group’s first and only record on the USA label.

1. I'll Make You Pay
2. Love Is A Beautiful Thing
3. Dennis Dupree From Danville
4. You Don't Know Like I Know

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