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The Stillroven

Cast Thy Burden LP

LP | $18.98

KS-SC 5020

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Here's proof positive that long, crappy winters spawn the kind of frustration that can only find release in raunchy, high-attitude garage-rock. The pride of Minneapolis before Prince reached puberty, the Stillroven were the epitome of 60's teen musical angst, and now they're ours to share with lucky you.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

1. Hey Joe
2. Sunny Day
3. Little Picture Playhouse
4. Cast Thy Burden Upon The Stone
5. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
6. She's My Woman
7. Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me
8. Without Your Love*
9. Cheating*
10. Little Games*
11. Have You Got A Penny*
12. Freakout*
13. Come In The Morning
14. Necessary Person
15. Come In the Morning
16. Necessary Person
17. Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me
18. Freakout

*previously unreleased

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