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Youngbloods - Beautiful! (Live In San Francisco, 1971) CD

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By the time the Youngbloods, always crowd faves at the west coast ballrooms, performed live for San Francisco’s free-form radio pioneer KSAN in 1971, they’d honed their set to a fine gloss. Featuring the smooth as apple-butter voice of Jesse Colin Young and the guitar/keyboard wizardry of Banana, backed by the rock-solid bass-and-drum tandem of Michael Kane and Joe Bauer, the Youngbloods positively sparkle here. We’re elated to present a lengthy, previously unissued 13-song set that’s equal parts rocking R&B, dreamy jazzers and honky tonk flag-wavers, with just a little bit of psychedelic weirdness—topped off, of course, by a knockout version of their generational anthem, “Get Together.” The Youngbloods: at the top of their game, making it all look so easy—and so damn beautiful.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

1.Six Days On the Road (Live)
2. Country Home (Live)
3. On Sir Francis Drake (Live)
4. Dreamboat (Live)
5. Drifting and Drifting (Live)
6. Interlude (Live)
7. Old Dan Tucker (Live)
8. You Can't Catch Me (Live)
9. On Beautiful Lake Spenard (Live)
10. Josianne (Live)
11. Explosion (Live)
12. Beautiful (Live)
13. Get Together (Live)

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