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Point of No Return / King Mixer 7" Single Vinyl Test Pressing

7" (vinyl) | $29.98


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Extremely limited quantity!

Sean Bonniwell's seemingly bottomless tape vault surrenders two more unissued gems!

Bonniwell’s uniquely gifted vision reaches from the past into rock’s evolution and beyond. “Point of No Return,” a powerful garage-punk slam to the brain was recorded in 1966, and combines all of the above as it reaches for the edge, finds it, and leaps into now.

“King Mixer,” a wry evaluation of a roadie dealing drugs, provides a tongue-in-cheek look at the truth about it all when we didn’t know what we know now.

This song was recorded in don’t-ask-me-where New Mexico on four track quarter inch tape. Grab these 1966 distortion killers today!

1. Point of No Return
2. King Mixer

While Sundazed Kustom Shop test pressings are offered for the benefit of dedicated record collectors, they may not be the final, approved pressings issued by Sundazed. For example: Items designated as "vinyl color test pressings" are just that. They were sent to Sundazed by the manufacturer to make certain we got just the right shade of avocado green or cream of tomato soup red. The songs, of course, will remain the same as the released version, although there may be slight variations in label text.

Please note: Since we're dealing with an extremely limited supply of rare items in the Kustom Shop, remember that these collectors' pieces cannot be returned.

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