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The Yardbirds

Ten Little Indians b/w Drinking Muddy Water -BLACK FRIDAY 2011- 7" Single

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

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"Black Friday” 2011 Limited Edition release


Released in the fall of 1967. "Ten Little Indians" b/w "Drinking Muddy Water" was the penultimate U.S. 45 release for the Yardbirds during their original tenure. The B-side comes from the Little Games album, while the A-side is a cover of a Harry Nilsson song. Originally found on Nilsson's Pandemonium Shadow Show LP, The Yardbirds version wound up being far different, primarily through desperation. Jimmy Page thought it was "terrible" and an "extremely silly song." He further commented that, "I don't need to tell you what it was like, you can tell just by the title. And it had brass on it!" The other group members' thoughts on the single were not recorded, although only Page and Keith Relf appear on it with Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja having been replaced by studio musicians for the session.

In an attempt to salvage the track, Page hit upon the idea of flipping the master tape to create a "reverse echo" effect. With the brass parts running backward, Page recorded them and added the backwards track to the master, so that the echo was heard prior to initial sound generation, and not after. It produced a very interesting result. Page claims to have invented the reverse echo method during this session, although similar techniques had been used earlier, such as the backward tape sections in the Beatles' "Rain" and "I'm Only Sleeping."

Regardless of its origin, the use of reverse echo transformed the song into a swelling, psychedelic mélange, accenting Relf's solemn delivery of the morality tale lyrics. Unfortunately, relatively few people got to hear it at the time. Released as Epic single 5-10248, it sank quickly without charting. It was not released as a single in the UK. This Sundazed limited-edition reissue has been sourced from the original Epic analog mono masters for superior sound quality and is packaged in a custom picture sleeve.

1. Ten Little Indians
2. Drinking Muddy Water

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