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1. I Got My Mojo Working
2. Oh Yeah
3. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
4. It Takes A Long Time Comin'
5. Let It Rock
6. Hey Joe
7. Gospel Zone
8. Got To Get You Off My Mind
9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
10. Don't Fight It
11. Spoonful
12. Dark Side
13. Gloria

The Shadows of Knight

Raw 'N' Alive At The Cellar Club '66! LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5006

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It’s December 1966, you’re in the Windy City and you’re looking for the best, the most screamin’, the absolute wildest show in town…where do you go? To the Cellar Club, of course! They’ve got the Shadows of Knight in residency and the band is practically blowing the roof off the joint every night! Man, I hear they even do an extra long version of “Gloria”!

Of course, without a time machine, that isn’t possible. Or is it? Thanks to intrepid efforts of Sundazed, you can now experience the Shadows of Knight Raw ‘N’ Alive at the Cellar Club ’66! Hear the band, at the peak of their powers, tear through live renditions of songs from their first two Dunwich albums (both of which are available in superbly mastered Sundazed editions). From rocked up renditions of Chicago blues classics like “Spoonful” and “I Got My Mojo Working” to crazed takes on then-current tracks like “Hey Joe” and “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day,” the intensity never lets up! Even though they were still teenagers, the Shadows of Knight were a seasoned combo that kept the dance floor packed from the first song to the last. Speaking of that last song, yes, it IS a 6:12 version of their all-time proto-punk anthem, “Gloria”!

Very few live tapes exist from the garage era and most of those are amateur recordings made on inferior equipment. How fortunate, then, that this audio artifact survived almost four decades on a shelf until it was discovered and meticulously mastered. Don’t miss this incredibly rare opportunity to hear one of the ‘60s most thrilling live bands on their home turf. A Sundazed exclusive!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


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