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Sir Douglas Quintet

Mendocino / ¿Que Sera Mañana? / Nuevo Laredo / La luna Fue Culpable LIMITED EDITION Double 7" single

7" (vinyl) | $14.98


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Official Record Store Day 2013 Limited Edition release

Spanish language recordings!


Making his radio debut at age 5, San Antonio native Doug Sahm began a lifelong musical journey that led him through many branches of American roots music. An early career as a country music prodigy saw him share the stage with Hank Williams at Austin’s Skyline Club on Williams’ very last concert before his death. Gigging around Texas, Sahm soaked up the Lone Star state’s many musical genres: blues, rock, Cajun and especially Tejano music that flourished in his hometown. This influence figured heavily in Sahm’s breakthrough band, the Sir Douglas Quintet. With Augie Meyers’s Vox Continental organ replacing the traditional Tejano accordion, the band exploded on the scene with the stomping 2/4 anthem, “She’s About a Mover.” Though their producer Huey Meaux chose their name in an attempt to ride the British Invasion momentum, the ploy fooled no one. Any listener could hear that the band was Texas through and through.

Their multi-cultural mastery inspired Sahm to record Spanish-language versions of four classic SDQ songs in 1970 for release in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries. “Mendicino,” “Nuevo Laredo,” “¿Que Sera Mañana? (What About Tomorrow?)” and “La Luna Fue Culpable (And It Didn’t Even Bring Me Down)” lend themselves perfectly to these new versions, adding nuances not found in the original recordings. Never before released on vinyl in the U.S., Sundazed is proud to present this limited-edition Record Store Day EP. Sourced from the original Mercury session tapes, these tracks honor Sahm’s legacy by carrying his musical alchemy forward into a new century. “You just can’t live in Texas if you don’t have a lot of soul,” Sahm once sang and, truly, he possessed un alma eterna triunfante.

1. Mendocino
2. ¿Que Sera Mañana?
3. Nuevo Laredo
4. La luna Fue Culpable

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