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TeenBeat Mayhem! hardcover book

book/fanzine | $99.95


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TeenBeat Mayhem! 
Commemorating America’s forgotten musical heritage: those teenage rock & roll combos of the swingin’ 1960s
by Mike Markesich

Hardcover; 400 pages



“The Bible!”

That’s what folks all over the world are saying about TeenBeat Mayhem!

If you were on the cusp, or right smack dab in the middle of adolescence during the 1960s, playing in a rock & roll group was the coolest fad around. TeenBeat Mayhem! presents a historical account paying tribute to this unheralded musical class from that decade, one comprised of American teenagers who forged their own brand of homegrown “garage” rock & roll.

If you are a diehard collector, passionate fanatic, or simply curious to discover everything there is to know about 1960s garage music, well, this is the book for you.

Inside, you’ll also find:
• A meticulously detailed 45rpm discography listing thousands of recording combos from A to Z;

• The Top 1000 “garage” songs from the USA, ranked in descending order from #1,000 to #1, each depicted by a full-color 45rpm record label scan;

• A selected array of 45rpm "picture sleeves" presented in full color;

And other related & interesting features. It’s a must have for your reference library, and will keep you turning the pages for years to come!

ISBN: 978-0-9856482-5-1

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