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1. Get Out Of My Life Woman
2. Swallow The Sun
3. Flying High
4. Meadow Memory
5. Saturday Night Flight
6. Give Up On Love
7. Two-O-Tango
8. Ballad Of A Sad Man
9. Nothing At All
10. Mrs. Ansel Griffith

The Love Exchange

The Love Exchange - LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5366

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Limited 180 Gram Vinyl Edition

Both adventurous and appealingly innocent, the Love Exchange’s eponymous 1968 album stands as a perfect example of Aquarian-age sunshine pop. Boasting a swirling, jangly sound and a distinctive lead singer in 16-year-old Bonnie Blunt, the Los Angeles quintet burned briefly but brightly. They remained together long enough to make this album, which remains a favorite of ‘60s aficionados.

Led by the buoyant, infectious psych-folk-pop single “Swallow the Sun,” The Love Exchange perfectly captures the open-minded, open-hearted spirit of its era. Such tunes as “Flying High,” “Meadow Memory,” “Saturday Night Flight 505” and a take on Allen Toussaint’s classic “Get Out of My Life Woman” are distinguished by the band’s male/female vocal blend, by Walt Flannery’s now-sound organ work and by the interplay of guitarists Dan Altchuler and Fred Barnett. It’s music that plays like the perfect soundtrack for a Griffith Park Love-In.

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, mastered from the original analog tapes and featuring complete original cover art, this Sundazed edition is limited to only 1000 copies!

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

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