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The Paisleys

Cosmic Mind at Play - CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11112

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First-ever legit reissue of this psychedelic ultra-rarity! This swirling psych album has been vastly expanded with unissued cuts and revealing demos by these dark Minneapolis wizards.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

1. Cosmic Mind At Play
2. Rockin’
3. Now
4. Smokey Windows
5. Diddley
6. Wind
7. Musical Journey
8. Something’s Missing 9. medley: Comin’ On / City Of Light / Home Again previously unissued album outtake
10. The Fool With The Jewel previously unissued live recording
11. Step Quietly and Quickly previously unissued demo recording
12. Elf In A Magic Bottle previously unissued demo recording
13. In Dreams previously unissued demo recording

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