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1. Little Hands
2. Cripple Creek
3. Diana
4. Margaret - Tiger Rug
5. Weighted Down
6. War In Peace
7. Broken Heart
8. All Come To Meet Her
9. Books Of Moses
10. Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin for Yang)
11. Lawrence Of Euphoria
12. Grey / Afro

CD Only Bonus Tracks:
13. This Time He Has Come
14. It's The Best Thing For You
15. Keep Everything Under Your Hat
16. Furry Heroine (Halo Of Gold)
17. Givin' Up Things
18. If I'm Good
19. You Know
20. Doodle
21. Fountain
22. I Think You And I

Alexander "Skip" Spence

Oar CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11075

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“Genius and madness coexist brilliantly on Oar’s deceptively still waters. This sonically faithful and lovingly documented reissue will only further its legend.” — ★★★★ —Rolling Stone

“ . . . Oar is the ultimate auteur record...nothing less than a spiritual and psychic journey . . . This reissue represents the definitive upgrade . . . a labour of love with copious notes, great pictures, added material and a clearer reconstruction of the original mix . . . Oar remains as fresh as the moment when it was recorded. The perfect distillation of psychedelic heaven and hell, it can now take its place as one of the all-time great rock albums.” —MOJO

The visionary solo work recorded during Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence’s last days as part of the seminal San Francisco band Moby Grape.

Sundazed restores the original Columbia album version of Oar directly from the 2-track master tapes, circa 1968. Our CD edition contains previously unheard material from the original sessions, unpublished photos, and in-depth annotation by David Fricke, Greil Marcus and Jud Cost. The CD bonus cuts included are exact representations of what Skip recorded during the last day of the heady and historic Oar sessions.

We’re proud to present a fitting tribute to the legacy of this undiscovered national musical treasure.

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Oar LP
Oar LP



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