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1. Veruska
2. Free Spirit
3. If I Had A Woman
4. Elijah (alternate take)
5. Fog
6. So Little To Say
7. Mellow Fellow
8. Now Or Anywhere
9. Space Chile (early version)


Now Or Anywhere LP

LP | $24.98

LP 5067

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Spirit tempered its ravenous passion for jazz, high voltage rock, folk, blues and avant garde electronics, hammered it like a slab of hot steel and shaped a glistering original sound that no one’s ever been able to duplicate. It’s a good thing this eclectically brilliant Los Angeles combo—Jay Ferguson, Randy California, John Locke, Mark Andes and Ed “Cass” Cassidy—always cut more material than it could use on its albums. Enthusiastically endorsed by the four surviving members of Spirit (all of whom were interviewed for the liner notes), Now or Anywhere emphasizes the moody and the ethereal, and smolders like phosphorous.

Gathering material recorded during the sessions for the Spirit and The Family Who Plays Together albums, Now or Anywhere affords the listener an expanded view of the band during this very fertile period. Ample attention is given to the group’s jazzier side courtesy of keyboardist John Locke’s compositions, as on the very appropriately named “Free Spirit.” Vocalist Jay Ferguson contributes two concise songs, the title track and “So Little to Say,” that foreshadow his later work with Jo Jo Gunne and his hit solo career. Guitarist Randy California soars on the intricate riff fest “If I Had a Woman.” On all tracks, the rock solid rhythm of section of bassist Mark Andes and drummer Ed Cassidy expertly guide the band through a gamut of styles, providing the platform upon which the songs take flight. Pressed on sonorous 180 gram vinyl and packaged in an eye-catching, Sundazed-designed LP jacket, Now or Anywhere is an essential addition to the catalog of a vital American band.


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