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1. Tube City
2. My Woodie
3. Surfin' Bird
4. Misirlou
5. Money
6. Kuk
7. King Of The Surf
8. Bird Bath
9. It's So Easy
10. Henrietta
11. Malaguena
12. Sleeper
13. Bird Dance Beat
14. A-Bone
15. Bad News
16. On The Move
17. Peppermint Man
18. New Generation
19. Whoa Dad
20. Real Live Doll

The Trashmen

Tube City! The Best Of The Trashmen CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11011

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A rip-roarin' bonanza of Minneapolis surf music! Heated squabbles have erupted: one faction insists it's great because it's a priceless historical artifact; the other insists it's the ne plus ultra of cheesy party fun. Less filling! Tastes great! Who cares? They're both right! 20 wondrous cuts: the entire Surfin' Bird LP, plus the best of the Garrett label 45s, from the original master tapes! Over-the-edge liners, plus a plethora of mega-rare photos 'n' stuff.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.


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