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1. How Can I Be Down
2. Stained Glass Window
3. Baby Baby It's You
4. Panama Red
5. I've Got A Feeling For Love
6. Yellow Balloon
7. Good Feelin' Time
8. Follow The Sunshine
9. Springtime Girl
10. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
11. Noollab Wolley
12. Junk Maker Shoppe
13. The Children Of St. Monica (by Don Grady)
14. A Good Man To Have Around The House (by Don Grady)
15. Impressions With Syvonne (by Don Grady)
16. Leaving It Up To You (by Don Grady)
17. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (single version)
18. Follow The Sunshine (alternate mono mix)
19. How Can I Be Down* (demo version)
20. Gary Zekley Interview*

*previously unissued

The Yellow Balloon

Yellow Balloon CD

compact disc | $16.98

SC 11069

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A songwriting assignment from Dean Torrence led to a rich musical career for Los Angeles pop- genius Gary Zekley. Zekley - a man whose body of work stands up to any of the precocious Brill Building bunch from five years earlier - originally penned the song "Yellow Balloon" for Jan and Dean, but also recorded the tune himself. When Zekley's version went Top Thirty in April of 1967, he assembled a band, called the Yellow Balloon (natch), with the likes of lead singer Alex Valdez and multi-talented drummer/vocalist Don Grady, already a TV superstar as Robbie, Fred MacMurray's oldest kid on My Three Sons.

The Yellow Balloon album itself, is a day-glo gem- a wispy bridge spanning the lush yet trippy studio wizardry of Sagittarius and the mindbending delights of The Beach Boys' Smile-era recordings. Sundazed's Yellow Balloon disc contains 20 tracks, including the complete original stereo album, vintage single-only sides, a Zekley demo, both ultra-rare Don Grady singles, and a 20 page booklet stuffed with striking color outtakes of the group's photo sessions, acquired from the original band members-all of whom were interviewed by West Coast studio-expert Domenic Priore for the liner notes-and a penetrating on-disc interview with the late Gary Zekley, himself. Lush, plush and gorgeous!!!

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