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1. Sandy
2. Hold Me My Baby
3. Baby Say No
4. When Stars Shine Bright
5. Be Good To Your Baby
6. If I Had My Way
7. Goodbye Baby*
8. Then The Rains Came
9. Nanci
10. Somebody To Love Me
11. Come Into My Heart
12. Iíll Think Of Summer
13. So In Love
14. Teenage Years*
15. Sandy (instrumental)*
* Bonus tracks

Ronny & the Daytonas

Sandy LP

LP | $24.98

BR 120

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The Daytonas’ second LP, Sandy -- named for their 1965 chart smash -- proved they took a backseat to no one when it came to lush, ocean-flecked tales of summertime heartbreak. Pressed on surfboard-thick High-Definition Vinyl and featuring liner notes based on candid interviews, along with exclusive photos of the band. The songs are so real you can almost hear the squawking seagulls!


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